Nicole Tanguay started with the Larson Training Program, Novum-U’s classroom inside Casa Grande Transitional Housing in May 2017. She was hired as an instructor aide with Novum-U where she quickly demonstrated her keen ability to complete tasks efficiently and help students learn valuable work related skills. In January 2018, her role was expanded to Senior Administrator where she assists the administration portion of Novum-U by providing her expertise in the area of training, scheduling and management of clerical and administrative staff. She also assists Novum-U with the case management portion of our program which helps struggling adults and newly released offenders with resources such as housing, counseling, education and gaining permanent and meaningful employment. During this time, Nicole has also been certified and credentialed to work as a Qualified Behavioral Aide (QBA) and Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician (RADT). Nicole recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology; and plans to continue her education to earn a Master’s degree in Social Work beginning in Fall 2019.  Upon graduation, she intends to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) where she can help and counsel those struggling with addiction and mental health issues. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys working out, facilitating a weekly Bible Study class, volunteering at church and mentoring residents at Casa Grande. Her co-workers and peers often ask her when she has time to sleep! Her drive to succeed and passion to help others keeps her constantly on the move.

Anthony Carter joined the Novum-U family in July 2018 and quickly demonstrated his expertise in the area of I.T. and web design. He is a former Marine and combat veteran who aspires to become an accomplished Content Manager and Social Media Marketer. He also studied Network Engineering at Stanbridge College in Irvine, Ca. Currently, Anthony is helping make Novum-U a true success through his contributions in the area of graphic design and website management. He is a cook at night, and a nerd in the morning. His passion for success is rival to no other. At any given time you can find him with 30 tabs open on his Chrome browser. He swears he’s using them all.

Latasha Persons joined Novum-U as a student in June 2018, bringing a drive to excel and become an instructor for our program. She has a natural passion to help others and strives to help those get on the path to a purposeful and meaningful life.  After becoming an Instructor’s aide, she was offered her a teaching assignment in Reno where she currently resides today.

When she’s not in a classroom, she’s spending time with her eight children and two granddaughters, reading or writing. The Novum-U family know her for her wit and humor. When she says “Awesomesauce.” They yell, “Sauce that is awesome!”

Lauren Prisbrey first joined Novum-U as a student while incarcerated in the Clark County Detention Center and has been with the program ever since. Learning the curriculum first from the student perspective, with the mindset of one who had previously been homeless and living on the streets and growing from there to learning how to implement the healthy habits and ways of having meaning and purpose in her life. Having been where many of our students are when they begin their journey in rebuilding their lives and health, Lauren gives her the drive and determination of ensuring that each student is given every possible opportunity and the preparation necessary for them to be ready and dedicated to not only attaining stable, positive employment but to continue in advancing their career opportunities as they strive to continue bettering their contributions in both life and their communities as the Senior Employment Specialist. Currently, Novum-U graduated students have an employment percentage of over 75% successful hires thanks to the contribution of Lauren’s hard work and dedication to the program.

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